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The busty brown-haired babe named Sweet Krissy is lying on her back; naked on a bed with brown sheets. Both of her legs are bent on the edge of the bed. Sweet Krissy’s right hand is covering her pussy while her left arm is across her large breasts, covering her nipples. What we like about this photo is that it is not too slutty yet it shows off Sweet Krissy’s sexy body. We can see her slender legs, big breasts, flat stomach and flawless skin. Not to mention Sweet Krissy looks so seductive here too.

Sweet Krissy Model

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Sweet Krissy Model shows us the very pretty brunette babe standing up with a naughty smile on her face. Sweet Krissy is wearing a black fishnet top with nothing underneath. We can see her big pair of tits with light colored nipples. Sweet Krissy has a flat stomach with a little bellybutton ring. Her hands are on her jeans that are unzipped. She is showing off her great body and light blue underwear. There are some girls who model because they are pretty and others who model because they have a passion for the camera Krissy is the latter.

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The beautiful brunette Sweet Krissy was home alone and playing some music in the room. The sweet babe got a little horny and posed for some photos and did a little naughty striptease with her webcam. Here we see Sweet Krissy sitting on a computer chair, beside an LCD television which is playing some music. Sweet Krissy pulled down her pink polka dot top to show off her large 34D breasts. Sweet Krissy sure is the best example of girls who are both naughty and nice.

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Sweet Krissy Hot Teen a pretty girl with long brown hair. She is sitting inside a white tub wearing a sexy gold bathing suit and a little silver necklace. Sweet Krissy has a seductive smile on her lips as if she has a lot of naughty ideas on her mind. Sweet Krissy’s bathing suit emphasizes her large melons and soft flawless skin. We say she looks stunning and mouth-watering in this photo, what more if she strips down naked, right? We imagine that she will look just as stunning when she is no longer a teen.

Sweet Krissy Shaven Pussy

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Sweet Krissy is inside a room, standing next to a cozy striped chair, floor lamp and light brown curtains. Her long brown hair is falling just below her shoulders. Both of her hands are on top of her light blue brassier and it looks like she is pushing her big tits out of the bra. We can see just how huge her melons are as she squeezes them together. Looking further down, we can see that Sweet Krissy has a slim figure and sexy flat stomach. The panties she has on has been pulled down to show off her young shaven cunt. What could Sweet Krissy be up to next? Stay here to find out.

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Sweet Krissy Nude Model gives us a glimpse of what Sweet Krissy does in her idle time. Here Sweet Krissy is inside a bedroom. She is standing with her arms anchored on a wooden dresser. Sweet Krissy has long brown hair that is up to her waist. She is not wearing anything except for the pink high-heeled shoes at the end of her gorgeous legs. From this view we get to appreciate Sweet Krissy’s sexy butt and her beautiful curves. You got us salivating right now Sweet Krissy.

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Once again, the hot brunette babe Sweet Krissy tempts us. She is in a room and sitting on a bed with white sheets and a silver ladies bag next to her. Sweet Krissy has a very seductive look on her face and we get a closer look at her beautiful hazel eyes and cute pink lips. Sweet Krissy shows off her wonderful cleavage and large tits in this photo. She is wearing only a black bra and we don’t know if there’s anything else on her. The only thing that could make this better is if Sweet Krissy shows off the rest of her body for us.

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Sweet Krissy does is again with another video that teases us out of our wits. Here, the very sexy Sweet Krissy is wearing only a printed blue string bikini. Both of her hands are covering the nipples on her big boobs and she has that seductive look on her face. Sweet Krissy has a sexy body that isn’t skinny. She has toned arms and abdomen. We can’t wait to see what she does next. Given her small petite frame her boobs in proportion to her body are huge. There are girls with huge tits larger than hers but they also don’t have the same kind of body.

Sweet Krissy

Sweet Krissy is a 27 year old Canadian adult model. She was born on September 21, 1985 in British Columbia. The natural colour of Sweet Krissy’s hair and eyes is brown. She is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm) in height and weighs 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Her breasts are 34D, her waist is 24 inches and her hips are 34 inches. Other than her ears, Sweet Krissy also has piercings in her belly button, tongue, nose and clit.

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Sweet Krissy started doing work for the adult entertainment industry in 2004 before she turned 19 years old. Most of her work is modelling for photos and videos are done solo and in the categories of busty, amateur, erotic and teen.

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Sweet Krissy gives us a closer look at her beautiful face and figure. In this photo we can see Sweet Krissy with her lips slightly pouting and her eyes with a glimmer of tease. Her left hand is cupping her left breast which is still covered by her light blue bra. While this is not a naked pictures it is an amateur boob photograph.  In fact Krissy is one of those girls that actually looks better with some clothes on.  Some sexy lingerie to go with her amazing boobs and she has never looked better.